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A group of Quebec investors led by Champlain Financial Corporation completes the acquisition of Enjay Converters Ltd.

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Champlain Financial Corporation

On June 29, 2021, a group of investors led by Champlain Financial Corporation, a Canadian private holding company based in Montreal, Quebec, announced its acquisition of Enjay Converters Ltd.

Enjay is an Ontario-based company producing unique, quality food-contact grade packaging products for the retail, supermarket, and food processor markets. Their products are sold across North America.

A Fasken team composed of Jean-Sébastien Dugas, Antonella Penta, Cristel Chabot-Lapointe, Véronique Harvey-Bertrand, Ralph Aziz, Félix Gutierrez, Éloïse Laflamme, Jackie VanDerMeulen, Boris Subara, Jean-Philippe Mikus, Denis Douville, Jean-Philippe Therriault, Rosalind H. Cooper, Riccardo Lento and Ryan Rabinovitch acted for Champlain Financial Corporation in connection with this deal.


  • Québec
  • Ontario



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