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MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc. has completed a series of share purchase agreements to acquire a series of medical facilities providing integrated health services

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MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc.

On August 4, 2021, MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc., a clinical-led healthcare technology company focused on increasing access to and quality of healthcare, completed a series of share purchase agreements to acquire an 80% interest in Canadian Phase Onward Inc., North York Pulmonary Function Center Inc., The Quit Clinic Inc. and Executive Medical Concierge Canada (2021) Ltd. through its subsidiary MCI Polyclinic Group Inc. This strategic acquisition aligns with MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc.'s mission to meaningfully contribute to the transformation of the Canadian healthcare system and improve access to care by delivering an innovative, personalized patient experience.

Canadian Phase Onward Inc. is a clinical research organization with seasoned expertise in clinical studies, trial recruitment and management. The North York Pulmonary Function Center Inc. specializes in diagnostics of broad spectrum respiratory diseases employing highly qualified hospital based technicians to provide services. The Quit Clinic Inc., provides primary care, specialist and diagnostic clinics, with historical annual patient volumes exceeding 100,000 patient visits per year. Executive Medical Concierge Canada (2021) Ltd. is an executive healthcare practice with a growing client list that MCI anticipates can be leveraged by MCI’s client base and 400+ corporate clients.

Fasken advised MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc. with a team that included Garth Foster, Brendan Sawatsky, Sarah Gingrich, Perry Feldman, and Amal Tharani. 


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