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Estate Court Work

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Counsel for applicants in wills variation claims seeking a share of an estate, including acting for disinherited second spouses, common law spouses, adult children and disabled adult children. Counsel for defendants in wills variation claims seeking to defend the gift provided to them, including acting for executors who are also beneficiaries and preferred children. Counsel on matters concerning mental capacity, including claims: to have a power of attorney or representation agreements revoked and to have persons appointed by the court as committee for a mentally incapable person; and to involve the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. Counsel for parties on various types of contentious estate and family disputes, including claims involving: abuse of a power of attorney, theft of breach of trust, claims to recover assets transferred out during a person’s lifetime through joint tenancy or direct title change; undue influence or coercion upon a person making a will, a trust or other estate plan; removal and replacement of bad executors and trustees; challenging fraudulent wills and trusts. Counsel for matters involving trust and settlement variations, interpretation of provisions in a trust or a wills, seeking court directions on trust and estate administration questions.