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Joint Venture, Partnership, Fiduciary and Business Relationship Disputes

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Confidential Client

Peterco Holdings Ltd. v. Calverton Holdings Ltd. et al, January 5, 1999 Counsel for the Plaintiff in a claim that he held a joint venture interest in a nightclub and for an accounting of the profits of a joint venture Blendec International Inc. v. 347518 B.C. Ltd. et al, December 6, 1994; June 3, 1996 Acted for the defendant in a trial involving a dispute as to the ownership interest of a hotel management contract. The Plaintiff's claim was dismissed as was the appeal Arthur Ross Gorrell and Glenna Leanne Borsuk v. Dave Rennie et al, April 22, 2008; BCCA July 24, 2008 Counsel to the Plaintiffs