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Fasken is a leader in providing the background knowledge that innovators need in order to determine if the regulatory environment applies to their product and if so, practical advice on implementation.


Fasken is a significant adviser in the fintech space.  Fintechs come to us because of the significant work we do for so many of the major financial services industry players that has put us at the forefront in advising on the products and services currently offered and adapting them to change.  It is this experience that enables us to provide the background knowledge needed in order to determine if the regulatory environment applies and guiding this next generation of participants through those regulations.


The team at Fasken works with fintech clients contemplating acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing agreements and other aspects of M&A transactions. We also facilitate regulatory approval, counseling clients on the commercial implications of compliance and negotiating with federal bodies.


We have a retail banking team composed of experts in consumer cost of borrowing disclosure, AML, credit reporting, privacy, anti-spam, advertising and electronic commerce – all focused on retail banking products and consumer facing legal issues. For our fintech clients, this retail banking team has advised on delivery of new products in an exclusively electronic environment.

2019 to 2021 Chambers & Partners Ranked nationwide in Canada in FinTech Legal Chambers FinTech is a guide of professional advisors in the industry; 2021 is the fourth edition
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