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FasCorp is a corporate secretariat program that ensures annual maintenance of your corporation and enables you to access your data online.

Are your corporation minute books kept at the office? Do you need to review them right away without an intermediary? While the challenges of working remotely are real in this time of global pandemic and economic recovery, our team of professionals has developed an online solution that provides greater flexibility. FasCorp is a turnkey program that gives you easy access to all your corporate documents:

  • When you need them - you have access 24/7
  • Without an intermediary - direct access to your documents is simple, efficient and immediate 
  • With options for collaboration - you can provide  access to members of your board of directors as well as auditors and key collaborators 

  • Contact any of our team members below or at to learn more, including about our full annual corporate maintenance service, available in addition to access to the software. We can customize a plan to meet your needs.

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