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Competition Compliance & Risk Management



To ensure your business is on the right side of Canada’s Competition Act and by extension not be faced with heavy/significant fines and/or other more serious consequences, it is essential to implement appropriate compliance programs and manage for associated risks.

Having a robust and ‘the right’ competition or antitrust compliance program often begins with a risk audit that considers historical activities, industry standards, investigation trends and regional/jurisdictional considerations. Such a program will educate your team and help generate strategies that you might not realize are possible. It also minimizes exposure by integrating compliance programs with comprehensive risk management plans.

Our Competition, Marketing & Foreign Investment (CMFI) lawyers work with clients to build policy manuals and training programs to minimize conduct that might contravene regulations. We achieve this through:

  • Identification of ways your business is at risk of non-compliance
  • Assessment of the seriousness of each risk to determine appropriate countermeasures
  • Establishment of appropriate policies, procedures and training
  • Development of monitoring and audit protocols that will promptly and effectively detect potential and actual non-compliance concerns

Connect with any of our CMFI team members to help you identify the systems you need, but may not have in place, as well as re-examine those that are already in place, but may require strengthening, to meet your business needs and exceed its goals by establishing a strong compliance and risk management program within your organization.

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