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How healthy is your trademark portfolio?

In less than five minutes, this questionnaire will help you self-assess to what extent you comply with trademark best practices. You will receive a personalized report including a colour-coded indicator (green, yellow, orange and red) of the effectiveness of your strategy and general recommendations to improve the management of your trademark portfolio. 

A trademark identifies the source (you) of your products or services. You probably know that a trademark can be a word or a logo, but did you know that it can also be your product packaging, a colour or combination of colours, a hologram, sounds or even a smell?

Your trademarks are material assets that can be or become very valuable. Take the time to answer the questionnaire for an initial strategic overview of your situation.


The information you provide in this questionnaire will not create a lawyer-client relationship between Fasken and yourself, nor will it result in any Fasken obligations to you or your organization. The information may be used for the purposes of marketing and business development and/or research and development.

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