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Every year, Fasken’s Montréal office hires approximately 12 to 14 articling students at the end of the Course aux stages. We offer our future articling students, summer student positions as well as part-time and full-time student positions during the school year.


The summer program starts the third week of May and is open to all future articling students who have completed the second year of their university law program. As a student, you will work full-time for ten or more consecutive weeks. At the end of the first week of orientation, training and integration, you will join one of our practice groups. From day one, you will be given the opportunity to participate in the practice group’s various activities and you will also have the chance to work on major files. You will be involved in different ways in the files which will help you develop your legal knowledge and technical skills.

You will also be invited to a dozen weekly lunch seminars hosted by our lawyers to help you deepen your understanding of our various practice areas. Additionally, breakfast meetings with the student committee will be held twice a month to allow you to discuss your files with other students and share best practices. You will also participate in the firm’s activities such as seminars and team-building activities.



The flexible fall-winter schedule will allow you to work at the firm while pursuing your university studies. You will have to perform a variety of tasks ranging from participating in client meetings to ad hoc writing and research, which will also allow you to take the breaks you need to prepare for your exams. To ensure the continuity of your files and to provide you with an optimal learning experience, we require students who are with us during the school year to work a minimum of fifteen (15) hours per week. You will have the opportunity to split your time to work both from the office and from home.


We invite our summer students to participate in a unique and flexible secondment program as part of their summer experience with the firm. This program gives them the opportunity to experience the practice of law with the firm’s long-time clients and explore the law from different angles. We also offer interested students the possibility of a secondment at one of our other offices in Canada or our London office. This type of secondment will allow you to grow your network at Fasken and create lasting relationships with your colleagues in other regions.


We offer two articling periods, one starting in January and the other in mid-June. Each articling period begins with three days of training and integration in the firm. Your articles will include three rotations of your choice with at least two different practice groups. This formula will help you better identify your interests and, more importantly, determine the field of practice you will want to pursue in the future.

Throughout your articling period, you will have the opportunity to participate in lunch-and-learn events hosted by our lawyers. You will also benefit from personalized support by your articling supervisor, who will answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need to meet your objectives.

The firm will be sure to offer you a collaborative work environment in which you can thrive and grow.


We also offer a mentorship program for our students and articling students. During your first summer as a student at Fasken, you will be paired with a mentor, who will play an active and important role in your integration and professional development. When you begin your articling period, your articling supervisor will be supported by mentors from each of our major practice groups. You will also benefit from the support of our professional development team and our recruitment committee.

You will receive feedback throughout your articling period and a formal evaluation at the end of each rotation to identify the skills you have acquired and those that need work. You will be invited to ask questions, raise concerns or provide comments at any time during your practical experience. These exchanges will allow us to ensure that your experience is tailored to your needs and expectations.



Like most other Montréal law firms, Fasken’s Montréal office has signed the Entente de recrutement 2022/2023, which establishes the rules relating to the recruitment of law students. As a result, we do not recruit first-year students, not even for summer positions, which are only offered to our future articling students.

Your application must include a cover letter, your full resume and an official copy of all transcripts relating to your undergraduate studies. It is important to note that each application must be submitted online through the viRecruitPortal.

The site will be available from Friday, February 3, 2023, at 9 a.m. until Monday, February 6, 2023, at 1 p.m.

Important dates:

  • From February 3 to February 6, 2023: Course aux stages - Applications filed through viRecruitPortal
  • From March 13 to 24, 2023: Course aux stages
  • March 24, 2023, at 9 a.m.: Presentation of articling offers

For more information, visit our NALP page.



Vanessa Leblanc

Vanessa Leblanc

Director, Talent Acquisition and Professional Development



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Chantale Dallaire

Senior manager, Talent Acquisition and Professional Development



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Professional Development Coordinator