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Legal Issues and Incorporation

Life Sciences Startup Competition 2017 Workshop Series
Where University of British Columbia, Life Sciences Centre

Vancouver, BC
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Roger Kuypers and Jon Conlin from Fasken Martineau facilitated an incorporation workshop as part of the University of British Columbia Life Sciences Startup Competition 2017 Workshop Series.

Throughout the workshop they addressed the following questions:

  • Why incorporate? What are the advantages of having a corporation?
  • Where to incorporate? BC or Canada?
  • How to set up the proper corporate structure (to make the company attractive to investors, to qualify for tax credits, etc.)?
  • How do you divide equity in the company between co-founders?
  • What is the shareholder agreement?
  • How should you set up your board of directors?
  • What is the process to incorporate (timelines, costs)?
  • Some of the main pitfalls that founders should avoid.