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China’s Experience in Reopening Businesses: Lessons Canadian Companies Should Learn as Economic Recovery Begins

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*Please note that this webinar is only available in French*

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To help you navigate through the various legal and economic questions as we emerge from this pandemic, Fasken has made it a priority to provide its clients with all the relevant information.

As the world is entering a new phase of economic recovery, we are pleased to invite you, as part of Fasken Responds, to an e-meeting where we will have the honour of welcoming Mr. Jean-François Lépine, Director of the Quebec Government representations in China, and Mr. Carl Breau, CEO of Saimen. They will speak to us about the reopening of businesses in China and the lessons that Canadian companies should learn in their planning as the country begins its economic recovery.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • An update on Canada-China relations during the pandemic.
  • The reopening of businesses in China, deconfinement, resuming commercial activities, and managing any problems they may have experienced and continue to experience during recovery.
  • The impact of the pandemic on businesses in China that began reopening.
  • The perspective of a business leader in China on the situations encountered when returning to work in different sectors.
  • Some advice for managers while preparing a return based on the Chinese experience.

The webinar’s format includes brief presentations by Mr. Lépine and Mr. Breau, followed by a question and answer period.

We invite you to register today to benefit from this unique opportunity to get an inside view on China’s economic recovery in the company of sector stakeholders.  

Register today to stay ahead of the latest developments.

Guest Speakers

photo carl breau Carl Breau CEO of Saimen
Jean-François Lépine Director of the Quebec Government representations in China