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Symposium 2020 - The Bad Times: Navigating Real Property Investments and Challenges During Crisis

Real Estate

Real property is a favourite of investors in times of financial crisis. COVID-19 has brought unique circumstances to the real estate sector, affecting how people gather, do business and interact. Although the pandemic has affected different industries in various ways, there are some common themes to consider as we grapple with where we are and what comes next.

Discussed in this session:

  • Recap of government responses to COVID-19 in the real estate sector and what further government responses may be.
  • Conserving cash: Deferring payments, working with lenders and a breakdown of work out agreements such as forbearances and standstill agreements.
  • The changing landscape: Key terms examined in leasing including force majeure, rent deferral and abatement and negotiated early terminations.
  • When negotiations fail: Considerations for landlords and tenants when it’s time for remedies and other collapsing deal scenarios.


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Event contact

Justin Mui Marketing Events Specialist +1 604 631 3296