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Pre-recorded Webinar

Symposium 2021 - Shortcuts and Pitfalls in Complex Litigation



You will learn the following from this presentation:

  • What shortcuts are available to achieve early assessment and resolution of a case, including:
    • How a preliminary factual investigation can provide most of what you need to assess and arrive at the right strategy
    • How accelerating expert advice may clarify strategy and settlement value
  • Managing the costs of complex litigation:
    • How staffing and duration are the key drivers of project costs
    • Why standard project budgeting is not predictive
    • How to ask the right questions around predicting timeliness and influencing timing
  • Review of shortcut litigation tools, including:
    • Summary trials
    • Trials of an issue
    • Customized trial orders
  • Review of mediation/arbitration shortcuts:
    • Mediation/Arbitration agreements
    • Baseball arbitrations as a means of achieving settlement
    • New expedited rules: pros and cons
    • Hardwiring timeliness
  • Barriers to shortcuts and spoilers:
    • Deal baggage
    • Personal stakes
    • Institutional rigidity
    • False shortcuts

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Event contact

Justin Mui Marketing Events Specialist +1 604 631 3296