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Putting the “Cure” back in ERP Procurement: Lessons Learned from an ERP Procurement Gone Wrong

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This session will focus on technology procurements where both the ERP solution licensor, and a separate solution implementer, are each being separately procured by the customer: an increasingly common situation.

Using the fact pattern of an actual failed technology procurement, the session will review themes which include:

  • How actually independent are the solution licensor and the implementer?
  • What is the right order of operations for the procurement: i.e. sequential or simultaneous procurement?
  • Is it feasible to only competitively procure one of the two providers?
  • Where do the obligations of the solution licensor end and those of the implementer begin, is that division clear to the customer, and if not, how can it be made clearer?
  • What lessons do multi-sourcing transactions have for these tri-party arrangements?

This program contains 1 hour Substantive content.