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Les Affaires quotes Christian Leblanc in an article on the partnership between wiShape and Parallel Geometry

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“Comment transformer une rencontre en partenariat” by Étienne Plamondon Émond, Les Affaires

Les Affaires quotes Montréal Lawyer Christian Leblanc in an article on the partnership agreement between wiShape and Parallel Geometry.

There are two sides to every coin when you sign a partnership agreement under French law, according to Christian Leblanc, a lawyer with Fasken Martineau’s France Practice group. “Overall, French law is “similar” to Québec law. The Civil Code of Québec is based on the Napoleonic Code. Québec is therefore closer to French law than Ontario law, but there are differences, especially in copyright law, which you have to know to make sure that a Quebec SME knows what it’s getting into,” he said. “It’s a decision that is often taken quickly. And when you take this kind of decision, you have to recognize that you lose legal control over the ensuing relationship with your partner.”


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