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DataGuidance quotes John Beardwood in an article about the implementation of privacy impact assessments by federal government institutions and private companies

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“Canada: OPC's PIA guidelines 'helpful for compliance purposes'” by Bassim Boutemine, DataGuidance DataGuidance quotes Toronto lawyer John Beardwood in an article about federal government institutions’ obligation to implement privacy impact assessments (PIAs), private companies’ increasing use of PIAs and their overall value.


John P. Beardwood, Partner at Fasken Martineau, affirmed, "Internal consultation with stakeholders of the organisation in connection with a PIA is obviously best practice in any case. Interestingly, however, the description below this recommendation in the Top Ten document does not provide any examples of external stakeholders which should be consulted, other than - in the case of institutions - conducting multi-institutional PIAs. Certainly it would apply to third party contractors to the organisations conducting the PIA, and if that is the intention, then consulting with/reviewing the practices of such third party contractors would again be an ordinary course feature of a PIA."


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