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Client Work

La Corporation McKesson Canada c. Pharmacie Patrick Bélanger (de l’Ormière) Inc., S.C. 500-17-099239-173 (Superior Court)

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Nikolas Blanchette has successfully argued and obtained an order to evict a tenant in a dispute between his client, La Corporation McKesson Canada, and Pharmacie Patrick Bélanger (de l’Ormière) Inc. Nikolas initially obtained an order to deposit rent payments against the tenant, Pharmacie Patrick Bélanger (de l’Ormière) Inc. The tenant failed to comply with the order, so Nikolas then obtained an eviction order before arguments on the merits could be heard.Click here to consult the order to deposit rent payments (only available in French). Click here to consult the eviction order (only available in French).



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