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Colbert v. District of North Vancouver, 2018 BCHRT 40

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Corporation of the District of North Vancouver

Hazen Colbert was a citizen of the Corporation of the District of North Vancouver. Between 2010 and 2015, Mr. Colbert sent over 600 pieces of correspondence to the District many of which were inappropriate.  In 2015, the District implemented a policy to restrict the manner in which such communications would be processed and only applied the policy to Mr. Colbert.  
Mr. Colbert filed a human rights complaint, alleging that the District’s action amounts to censorship and was based on the fact that he is a gay man who has actively advocated on behalf of the LBGTQ community.
The Tribunal concluded Mr. Colbert had no reasonable prospect of establishing that the District’s actions bore any connection to his sexual orientation and dismissed Mr. Colbert’s complaint. 
Both the District and Mr. Colbert filed applications for costs, the Districts for inappropriate communications sent to us and to the District by Mr. Colbert during the course of the Complaint and Mr. Colbert’s claiming that the District had lied to him and the Tribunal.  The Tribunal dismissed Mr. Colbert’s application and allowed the District’s application, ordering Mr. Colbert to pay the District $750.
Fasken represented the Corporation of the District of North Vancouver on all aspects of the case.

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