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PLEASE NOTE: For everyone’s safety, Fasken recommends anyone on-site at our Canadian offices be familiar with the COVID-19 recommendations in place which may include one or more of the following: social distancing, hand sanitizing, wearing a mask in common areas and proof of full vaccination. These measures apply to lawyers, staff, clients, service providers and other visitors.


Fasken’s Calgary office hires four to six first-year summer students, with the intention that those students will be offered articling positions upon the successful completion of the summer with us.

We are looking for driven, creative and committed individuals to become our next students and, ultimately, our associates and partners. If you are looking to work in a fast-paced, team environment that is committed to your success and development, we encourage you to read more about our student program.

Calgary Student Program

Our Calgary office provides a unique opportunity for students to not only work and learn within one of Canada's leading national law firms, but also to play an integral part in the development and growth of our office. Our students become a key part of our legal team, and work on a wide variety of projects.

Each year, we hire four to six first-year summer students, with the intention that our summer students will be offered articling positions after a successful summer. Our articling student positions are typically filled by our returning summer students.

We are committed to our students and place considerable emphasis on our student program, recognizing that the best way to guarantee our continued success is to recruit, nurture, and provide opportunities for our young lawyers to learn and develop. Our student program provides a learning experience that will challenge students and develops skills to bridge the worlds of law school and legal practice.

Guidance and Education

Fasken's commitment to training and education fosters a meaningful and rewarding student experience. We want our students to succeed, develop new skills, and grow with the firm, and we provide education and support to help achieve that. Fasken's goal is to provide our students with an experience that will be challenging, interesting and that will develop our students into exceptional lawyers.

Fasken's formal articling and summer student orientation programs will give you the tools to succeed, right from the start. You will be introduced to key contacts at the firm, be introduced to our systems and resources, and have an opportunity to ask plenty of questions. You will also receive education in research and writing, practice skills and a variety of other sessions to get you off to a great start. We will also provide a number of opportunities during your orientation and beyond to meet and get to know lawyers and staff from across the firm.

Throughout the summer and articling term, you will participate in student education seminars, professional development sessions for lawyers and students, practice group meetings, and office-wide events including social, client and community activities. Students will also be invited to attend a variety of firm-wide virtual events.


In our Calgary office, we have a formal rotation system for both summer and articling students. These rotations are designed to provide you with an opportunity to build legal skills and gain experience in a variety of areas as you develop your areas of interest.

Summer students rotate through the business law and litigation areas, and have opportunities to work in the areas that interest them. Summer student work can range from major projects to work on throughout the summer, to working on smaller assignments on a variety of files.

For articling students, half of your articling term will be spent working in business law practices, and the other half in litigation. Our program is flexible; you can pursue and accept work from any sub-practice area during each rotation, and you will have the opportunity to be involved in specific client work that interests you. Your shape your experience at Fasken.

As part of our collaborative approach, we discuss each student's interests in particular practice areas, and endeavor to accommodate those interests. The flexibility of our rotation system provides the opportunity to seek out an experience which matches your career objectives. We encourage our students to be directly involved with our clients with our support. Your interaction with clients will develop your awareness of the importance of excellent client service and your knowledge of their business objectives and priorities.


Mentorship is a pillar of our success. In addition to challenging work and education, we believe a key to reaching your potential as a lawyer is excellent mentoring in a supportive environment.

Summer students are matched with associate mentors to guide and support them through the summer program, and to provide coaching and feedback. The summer mentors are a key source of support and advice during the summer at Fasken.

Each articling student is matched with both a principal and a mentor who provide guidance and ensure the quality of your articling experience. Your principal is responsible for your professional development, work allocation, and providing and seeking feedback. Your mentor will usually be in a different practice area than your principal, and can provide feedback, coaching and encouragement.

Evaluation and Feedback

Performance evaluations are an important part of ensuring that our students become excellent lawyers. Formal evaluations are completed once during the summer and twice during articling, and are designed to give you feedback to help you learn where you are excelling and what areas of your work need improvement. You will also receive informal feedback throughout both the articling and summer programs from the lawyers with whom you work.

Bar Admission

Articling students in Calgary are required to complete the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP) through CPLED as part of their requirements to be admitted to the Alberta bar. Fasken students have participated in both the part-time and full-time versions of PREP, and the PREP tuition is paid for by the firm.

Social Events

At Fasken, we have a number of opportunities for students to get to know each other and socialize with other members of the firm in a more casual setting. Our social activities are intended to assist students with their integration into the firm and to foster our open and supportive environment.

Compensation and Benefits

Fasken compensates students at rates comparable to other national law firms. For articling students, your PREP and articling enrollment fees will be covered by the firm, and articling students also receive dental, medical and extended health care benefits, as well as a wellness allowance.

How to Apply

We accept applications for 1L summer positions as part of the Law Society of Alberta process. Applications should be submitted via the viRecruit Portal based on the timelines set for Calgary firms. Please include a cover letter, summary and both pre-law and law school transcripts. We look forward to receiving your application. Please note the Calgary office is not currently accepting applications for articling positions.

For more information about our student programs, please contact:

Stacey McCreath , Senior Director, Professional Resources


3400 First Canadian Center

350 - 7th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3N9



Brendan Sawatsky , Co-Chair, Student Committee


3400 First Canadian Center

350 - 7th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3N9




Vhari Storwick , Co-Chair, Student Committee


3400 First Canadian Center

350 - 7th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3N9




You may also be interested to know the members of our Student Committee:

Recruitment Resources

We are proud of our reputation as a leader in the area of career advice and support for students, and we have a variety of resource tools available to all students. We hope you will find this information to be useful.

Recruitment Resources (PDF downloads - if you have any trouble accessing please switch your browser.)


Fasken Calgary welcomes the following summer students to our office for summer 2022:

  • Annah Setter, University of Calgary
  • Anny Yoo, University of Calgary
  • Aydin McClelland, University of Alberta
  • Kiera Waroway, University of Calgary
  • Martika Ince, University of Calgary
  • McKenzie Martyn, University of Calgary
  • Naheera Jadavji, University of Alberta

Fasken Calgary is pleased to share the members of our current and future articling student classes.


  • Shyla Halseth, University of Calgary
  • David Kim, University of Calgary
  • Alina Lakhani, Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Maria Patterson, University of Windsor


  • Maddison Canuel, University of Calgary
  • Thomas Kusch, University of Calgary
  • Erin McKlusky, University of Calgary
  • Benjamin Sasges, University of Calgary
  • Kaitlyn Wong, University of Ottawa


  • Ivana Dokic, University of Calgary
  • Avinash Kowshik, University of Calgary
  • Carter Lindsay, University of Calgary
  • Olivia Pietras, University of Alberta


  • Joel Tallerico, University of Calgary