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Crisis Management: How to Handle High Stakes Investigations

White Collar Crime Webinar


A serious investigation poses a daunting challenge for an organization or an individual, regardless of whether it arises from an external or an internal requirement. Criminal investigations, possible employee misconduct, external threats, “hacks” and other security breaches all require an urgent response. The impact on business, careers and reputation can be catastrophic. Most people faced with such a crisis have little or no knowledge of, or experience with, the process, the options and the judgement calls that must be made very quickly.

A crisis investigation is usually complex, urgent, and requires a multi-disciplinary response by experienced lawyers, accountants and computer security experts. In addition to explaining each of their respective areas of expertise, our panelists explore how these areas interrelate. Real-life examples of crisis response, and of lessons learned from personal experience with high-profile investigations, will also be discussed.

Meet Your Panelists: Experienced in crisis investigations, including criminal matters, civil litigation, financial and forensic accounting investigations and computer security:

The panel is moderated by Peter N. Mantas, Partner and Head of Fasken Martineau’s Ottawa Litigation Group.

Pat McCann, Counsel, White Collar Crime, Compliance & Investigations Practice Group, Fasken Martineau, Ottawa
Pat draws on his extensive experience as legal counsel in high-profile criminal investigations to discuss how to respond when you, or your businesses, are served with a search warrant, how to deal with the police and other authorities during the process, and when to retain defence counsel. Pat also discusses examples of assisting individuals who found themselves in this unenviable position and his “lessons learned” from well-known cases.

Berkley D. Sells, Partner, Litigation Practice Group, Fasken Martineau, Toronto
Berkley has extensive experience as litigation counsel in matters involving urgent and extraordinary relief, in particular injunctions, civil search orders (Anton Piller), asset freezing orders (Mareva) and compelling the production of information from financial institutions and Internet Service Providers (including via Norwich orders). He explains the process and challenges involved in investigating and responding to employee fraud or misconduct and to external threats, including from anonymous internet users.

Rene Hamel, Director, Forensics and E-Discovery, TELUS Security Solutions
Rene's career extends over 25 years of civil and criminal investigations including white-collar crimes and computer forensic examinations with the RCMP. His advanced skills and experience in collecting electronic evidence and understanding information flow in a complex digital environment, significantly helps workplace investigations and various digital investigations where the preservation, collection, review and presentation of critical forensic data is critical. Rene also plays a significant role in the development of eDiscovery Services assisting law firms and general counsel with their cases providing an efficient hosting and review environment.

Roddy Allan, Partner, Deloitte Forensic
Roddy has spent more than 20 years directing and managing forensic accounting and investigating large-scale fraud, corruption and regulatory issues. With reference to real life cases, Roddy provides insights regarding the strategies, investigative techniques and sophisticated tools often used in investigative and forensic accounting matters, including strategies to preserve and recover evidence, interview witnesses and recover stolen assets.