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Government Contracts, Procurement and Tender Law in Canada

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Overview of the procurement and tendering process in Canada

In Canada, government contracts and procurement touches every sector. This is  a remarkably complex area of the law - varying by jurisdiction (and within jurisdictions) and influenced by a multitude of factors, including common law, statute, regulation, international and national trade agreements, directives, policies, socioeconomic factors and custom.

The Fasken procurement team works with our clients throughout the entire procurement process - from requirements development and procurement planning, through the bidding process and contract negotiation, to the final contract award and beyond, including contract management, bid protests and challenges, litigation and dispute settlements.

Our team of legal professionals have compiled a precise and practical overview of the procurement and tendering process in Canada. The structure of the guide takes you from start to finish, in a logical progression, through the Canadian procurement process using the following chapters:

Procurement Guide

  • Pre-Solicitation Period
  • Bid Preparation and Managing the Solicitation Period
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Contract, Award, Debriefing and Disputes
  • Additional Information on Trade Agreements


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