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Health Care Charities and Not-For-Profits

Fasken has a unique and long history of helping health care charities and not-for profits build the right foundations for success.
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Hospitals and many other providers in Canada’s healthcare system operate on a non-profit or charitable basis.


Compliance with the myriad of laws, regulations and rulings applicable to non-profits and charities requires diligence and the advice of experts in the field.


We advise non-profits and charities on the steps to take to ensure that their everyday activities and their other activities do not jeopardize their tax status.


Among other things, we work with charities to create policies around naming conventions, gift acceptance and international arrangements.


We act for private and public health sector organizations as well as non-profits and corporations whose activities intersect with the system.


Fasken is recognized for our large team, deep experience and trusted relationships with a wide range of clients in each of our regional markets, as well as national-level expertise. We share ideas and collaborate with clients wherever and whenever we can.


Download a copy of our comprehensive guide, The Well-Governed Non-Profit, or contact any of our lawyers to learn more.



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