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Health Policy & Regulation

Fasken assists with policy development, whether it’s internal to an institution: writing conventions, rules, directives or applicable to the entire system: policy papers, submissions to parliamentary committees, etc. We also determine the practical application of regulations and structure efficient compliance and reporting processes.
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Local, regional, provincial and federal regulators oversee Canada’s complex healthcare system. Jurisdictions sometimes overlap. Rules sometimes conflict, as do guidelines, regulations and laws.


Success depends on knowing how regimes work independently and how they interact with each other. It also requires envisioning how a seemingly small set of policy changes – or an entire overhaul - could affect the wider system.


We provide opinions, advise on advocacy strategies, facilitate policy discussions and advise on agreements among and arrangements to foster new alliances.


Specific policies we assist with might relate to fees and billing arrangements, policies on medical assistance in dying, the use of medical marijuana, and consent and capacity issues.


Fasken acts for hundreds of health organizations across Canada. We work with private and public entities as well as non-profits and corporations whose activities intersect with the system. Our clients include hospitals, private clinics, health authorities, long-term care homes, healthcare professionals and their regulatory colleges, home care companies and independent health facilities among others.


Our team is recognized for its deep experience and trusted relationships with a wide range of health sector clients in each of our regional markets, as well as national-level expertise. We share ideas and collaborate with clients wherever and whenever we can.


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