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It’s a tricky time for the energy sector. Our Global Energy and Climate Group brings together energy, environmental, climate and Indigenous law experts to come up with solutions other firms might miss.


Fasken’s Global Energy and Climate Group advises energy industry clients across a wide spectrum of legal service needs. Whether you are permitting a new pipeline or constructing a new transmission line, dealing with a labour disturbance at a generating facility, filing a new application with a utilities commission, or starting an M&A process on wind farms, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can help you succeed.

Net-zero commitments, energy storage, new technologies, evolving business models, Indigenous reconciliation and equity, supply mix changes; there can be no doubt that the energy sector and market are changing at an unprecedented rate with pressure, and opportunities, coming from a variety of sources and directions. Today’s energy sector can best be described as Energy in Transition.

Whether you are developing new projects or refurbishing an existing facility, implementing unique banking and green financing strategies, transacting carbon, pursuing an M&A transaction, or procuring and onboarding new carbon negative technologies, our multi-disciplinary team of global energy professionals can help you succeed.

Permitting, regulatory approvals and consultations with Indigenous groups, communities and local stakeholders are a critical aspect of any energy project. These are areas that are becoming more challenging and complex and an integral part of our work. We’ve steered a course to positive environmental assessment decisions and defended them, secured key facility permits, negotiated impact benefit agreements, community benefit arrangements, financings and joint ventures, helping clients build relationships that last from project origination to construction to implementation and beyond.

Regulatory tribunals also play a significant role in the sector. As an Applicant or Intervenor, your company’s goals and concerns matter. If it is a traditional Rate or Performance Based Regulation proceeding, Leave to Construct or other project approval hearing, or one of the other many types of proceedings that regulatory tribunals oversee, Fasken lawyers have extensive experience advocating for clients and obtaining outcomes to achieve their goals.

We also advise private and public companies, developers, utilities, lenders and governments around the globe involved in every aspect of the industry, from rate regulation to production agreements, and from multi-year, multi-billion dollar projects to the most complex mergers and acquisitions. 

Ours is a truly global practice; the clients we serve and projects we’ve been involved with span every Canadian province, the United States and more than 25 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Latin America and Asia.  Our team of dedicated professionals provide outstanding client service, scalable to your needs, and we integrate seamlessly with your internal team and other external advisors.

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