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Fasken provides clients with a comprehensive set of environmental legal services. Whether you are permitting a new project, dealing with a contaminated site, defending charges, challenging orders, litigating on environmental matters, or trading carbon, we can provide practical legal advice, representation and solutions.


We assist clients in dealing with contaminated lands, assisting with remediation, strategies to avoid liability, and litigating over associated liability. 


We defend charges laid by regulators and have excellent relationships with the regulators to negotiate resolutions and the strong advocacy skills to successfully challenge those charges.


We help throughout the project approval process, organizing stakeholder consultation hearings and meetings and providing strategic advice. Once the project is launched, we can advise on scalable risk management and sustainability management plans that safeguard your investment.


Our clients include energy, mining, real estate, insurers, financial institutions, transportation, manufacturing and agriculture/aquaculture corporations. We also work with governments and industry associations interested in launching policy initiatives and program reviews.


Fasken has one of the oldest environmental law practices in Canada. We first published the Canadian Environmental Law Guide in 1996 and continue to update it quarterly. One of our lawyers is one of the distinguished members of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Arbitration and Mediation, which helps governments and businesses resolve a wide-range of disputes.


Exposure to environmental liability is wide-reaching.  Successfully navigate this liability with the right advice from our professionals.

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