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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Prevention Services


Our team has deep relationships with OHS regulators, adjudicative bodies, and the courts. We can help by providing risk assessments, training management teams on workplace accident prevention, and reducing workers’ compensation costs.

Our OHS Lawyers and Consultants, led by Norm Keith, LL.M., CRSP, provide training, consulting and legal prevention services across Canada.

Training: Courses (one day or more) and Seminars (1/2 day or less)

Consulting: Health and Safety, AODA

  • OHS Legislative Compliance Audits
  • OHS Policy and Procedure Review, Development and Implementation
  • Workers' Compensation Management Assessment and Development
  • AODA Consulting Services


  • Advice and Representation when Accidents and Workplace Disasters occur
  • Counsel in OHS Regulatory and Bill C-45 Criminal Charges
  • Advocates at all level of Workers Compensation Claims and Appeals
  • Legal Opinions, Compliance Obligations and Tracking Legislative Change
  • Legal Counsel at all levels of Courts, Tribunals and Boards across Canada
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