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Tax Law


Advance understanding of tax regimes should be a crucial planning consideration as governments around the world tighten tax obligations and reporting rules, and as they become more aggressive about enforcement.


We’ll learn your objectives and tailor customized strategies to meet your short and long-term goals in the tax environments where you do (or plan to do) business.


This might include negotiating tax issues in an M&A deal, determining appropriate structures to minimize income and commodity taxes for an investment fund, addressing anti-avoidance rules or interpreting technical statutory provisions and onerous reporting requirements. Sometimes it requires preparing voluntary disclosure submissions or litigating disputes at tribunals or in court.


Our clients are leading businesses in Canada, South Africa, the U.K. and throughout the world. We address cross-border and transactional tax strategies, and offer expertise in international tax issues. This is especially important for industries facing increased stakeholder scrutiny.

We have one of the largest tax law groups practicing in Canada and counterparts in Johannesburg. Every day, we work together to create tax-efficient solutions that integrate with our clients’ business priorities and help them to move forward.


Tax regimes are becoming more regulated and aggressive worldwide.



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